Atomic Habits by James Clear Book Review

The book Atomic Habits: The life-changing is the million-copy seller book written by James Clear, explored with life-changing concepts.

The article on habits where he mentions process is important than goals was my starting point. I continued reading his updates through the consistent newsletter he publishes through the site.

The book Atomic Habits: The life-changing by James Clear provides supplementary materials like cheat sheets and templates, which are very useful for planning your habit profile and continuous improvement.


The book Atomic Habits: The life-changing by James Clear is action-oriented. The concepts present an action plan to use them in your situation and to practice the ideas directly in day-to-day life. That makes the book an instruction manual for nurturing good habits and killing bad habits. 

The principles presented in the book are about understanding who to become, to finding out what identity to achieve instead of just starting or stopping a habit is very helpful.

The most important aspect of this book Atomic Habits: The life-changing by James Clear is, the to-the-point summary provided after every chapter. Once you start reading the book, this summary will help, recall all the concepts in a time-bound manner and become a concise model to revise the concepts.

The book is very engaging and is suitable for reading cover to cover as it provides many stories and references. 

The book also becomes a workbook and reference material once you have gone through it. The chapters bifurcated into sections for the particular situation.

I will recommend this book to anybody who eager to understand how and why habits formed. And how to nurture good habits and avoid bad ones?


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