Political Theory


Justice has been of central importance to political philosophy for over two thousand years. Through the ages, political thinkers have portrayed the Just ‘good society’ as a ‘just’ society. However, there has been far less… Read More »Justice


The state is often defined narrowly as a separate institution or set of institutions, as what is commonly thought of as ‘the state’. For example when Louis XIV supposedly declared, ‘L’e´ tat c’est Moi’, he… Read More »GOVERNMENT AND STATE


Except for anarchists, all political thinkers have regarded the state as, in some sense, a worthwhile or necessary association. Even revolutionary socialists have accepted the need for a proletarian state to preside over the transition… Read More »ROLE OF THE STATE

Law and Liberty

While political philosophers have been concerned about broad questions such as the nature of law itself, everyday debates about the relationship between law and morality have tended to focus upon the moral content of specific… Read More »Law and Liberty

Rule of Law

Image Designed by Jitender Pradhan What Is Law? The term ‘law’ has been used in a wide variety of ways. In the first place, there are scientific laws or what is called descriptive laws. These… Read More »Rule of Law

Hobbes Social Contract

Hobbes Social Contract THOMAS HOBBES SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY Hobbes Social Contract is most essential and influential work in the history of Political Thought, which put the very first idea of How and Why state came… Read More »Hobbes Social Contract


Rights are rightly called social claims which help individuals attain their best selves and help them develop their personalities. If democracy is to be a government of the people, it has to exist for them.… Read More »Rights

What Is Liberalism?

Liberalism is the dominant ideology of the present-day Western world. The history of England, Western Europe, and America for the last 300 years is closely associated with the evolution and development of liberal thought. Liberalism… Read More »What Is Liberalism?