Well that’s today we’re going over a Book that is best-selling right now and after reading it I can say it is worth reading.

Do Epic Shit By Ankur Warikoo in his most recently published book in which he shares his experiences and thoughts on success and failure, money life skills, and upskilling life advice books and relationships in general. Those who have not heard the name Ankur Warikoo. Let me introduce him. He has a channel on youtube which he named after him. He is an entrepreneur and content creator on his channel. He shares his experiences and thoughts on success and failure, money life skills, upskilling life advice books, and relationships in general.

Some of his favorite videos and the ones which I watched recently from his channel were on

Ankur Warikoo is also involved in a lot of charity. He has framed all of his experiences, thoughts, and ideas into this book along with his roadblocks and failures throughout his entire journey. It’s no surprise that he has named His book Do Epic Shit.

The book has become the number one best Selling in the criteria for books. It has crossed the likes of Ikigai, Atomic Habits, grandmother’s bag of stories, and even the psychology of money by Morgan housel. Out of which I have read two which are Ikigai and atomic habits and I can say those were wonderfully marvelous books. So just to put into perspective how awesome this book is?There you go this book comes in The Non-fiction and Self-help category. It is only available in hardcover for now. It has 286 pages with a relatively big phone and enough space between all the margins, it can take an average reader two to three hours of speed read or three to four hours whilst taking notes on taking a deep dive into the book.

This book is divided into Six parts –

  • Success and failure
  • Habits,
  • Awareness,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Money, and
  • Relationships.

This book is written in a way in which you can open any page and on one side you will see either a quote or a sentence from his life and an example or some sort of paragraph explaining. This style of writing is pretty prevalent in the first 42 pages, then we move on to “mistakes I made in my 20s” Where Ankur Warikoo has listed 19 Mistakes he made when he was in his 20s. So guys go and check out this newly released book of Ankur Warikoo and learn about some rules of life.

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