Download “An Introduction To Political Theory” by OP Gauba PDF. OP Gauba Political Theory PDF. This Book you may download by Clicking on Download button as you can find below. “An Introduction To Political Theory” is an book authored by OP Gauba is best book amongst the Political Theory in India. Students Preparing for Government Civil Service Exams especially; UPSC using this book to get higher marks in examination and considered it best to read. Even who already get success in examination also recommended the same. The Concept in Political Theory of OP Gauba is very systematically and analytically structured.


Teachers in University of Delhi also using OP Gauba for teaching practices in Political Theory subject. Although you can also go throughout many more books on the political theory. But, In India it is considered best one since the author of book is Indian.

EDITION: 5th Edition

The present edition of An Introduction to Political Theory is different from its
previous edition in many ways. The entire text has been re-edited. New material
has been incorporated at many places to improve the quality of its presentation,
and to make it more logical, lucid, effective and up-to-date. Some of the new topics introduced in this edition include new sections on feminism, status of civil
society, feminist perspective on the state, pluralist perspective on the state,
communitarian perspective on justice, democracy as a way of life and concept
of deliberative democracy. The new points, ideas and concepts included in this edition are reflected in the new, enlarged index of this edition. The illustrative material used in this edition has also been suitably revised, modified and supplemented. All flow charts, comparative charts and diagrams included in this edition bear suitable headings. A list of these charts has been given after the ‘Contents’. Placement of many boxes containing definitions, charts and diagrams has been changed to make it more logical and reader-friendly.

Bibliography has been rearranged, enlarged and updated. It is hoped that this edition of the book will prove more useful, reader-friendly and popular. Suggestions for further improvement will be welcome.

O.P. Gauba Formerly, Reader in Political Science Campus of Open Learning
University of Delhi.

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