103rd amendment to the constitution of India provides 10% reservation to economically weaker section category in 2019. In 2021 Supreme Court had asked the government to revisit the definition of economically weaker section (EWS) because it was the same as OBC (Other Backward Class) reservation category but EWS and OBC are not the same yet presently the EWS definition is the same as the OBC (Not more than 8 Lakh annual income).

The Government of India had setup a committee. The committee has recommended that if we decide a new definition than parents will have to again take up the certificates which will consume a lot of time and delay in the admission process and syllabus completion for the academic year 2022. Therefore it is unadvisable and impractical to apply the new criteria and and change the goal posts in the midst of the ongoing processes resulting in inevitable delay and avoidable complications. It is better to continue with the same definition.

Committee’s future recommendations –

  1. If families having more than 5 acre land than they should be excluded from the EWS, irrespective of income.
  2. Residential asset criteria may altogether be removed.

Source – https://mrunal.org

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