Hello everyone in this article I am goon teach you how you can make $5 by just simply posting on social media. if you think that you have to tons of followers to make money on it than you are probably wrong because you don’t have need to have a tons of followers on social web. if you have 100 followers than also you are to make money through social web.  the social web is the biggest platform to advertise product or brand. social  sharing service is in high demand in these days for brands and they invest tons of money in it.

The brands are willing to pay a good amount of money for sharing service not just for big influencer to small influencer  as well.

This is the proof look at my laptop screenshot of  you can see that people are demanding  and getting  between $5 to $10 USD which is a very good amount just for sharing thing so if you have 200 follower on any  social site then you can probably get between $5 to $7 depending on your location. if you share twice a day in social media then you will probably make roughly around  $450 to $600 which is a very good amount of money of just sharing content on social media.  bottom line is people will pay you to share stuff

 But now you want to know how to build a social media profile which can  enable you to monetize it
So, here is the step by step guide for it

1. First step is  to chose if you want your personal profile  to convert into your business profile or you want to separate your  profile form your business profile it up to you if you don’t want to mix your personal life with business life then you should go for separate profile for business purpose. I also have separate account  but it is up to you What you choose

2.The second step is to choose a niche for your profile its find out what are you interested in sharing and  that has good amount of traffic and money.
the best niches in the market  are.. etc…..

just find out what you love and what your audience want.

3.The third step is to fill your account first before you  start selling services have  a decent amount follower that is around 100-200 followers only then you will be able to make money  from social web.

Getting 100-200 follower on social media is not an hard task. you can get that amount of followers with in some days. there is certain strategy to grow you social media account like follow-follow back strategy, engagement group strategy, linking with big accounts etc… I will make a separate article on  that if you want that article then just comment below.

now you account is filled up then just sign up of freelancing website. But you should be smart while choosing the freelancing website only choose the authorized one some of the best free lancing website are..

·         Post your project and Hire freelancers – Add Any Project (Post your Project for free and Hire Skilled Freelancers)
·         CodementorX: Hire top freelance web & mobile developers
·         Toptal – Hire Freelance Talent from the Top 3%
·         Freelancer – Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs
·         oDesk – Upwork, the world’s largest online
sign up to this website as a social media influencer and start selling your services to brand here you will get plenty of  work that will give you $5 to $10 per post  you can also charge higher amount of money  as you following or social media grew so focus on growing your  social media and you will make plenty of money form social media.

that is for today thank you for reading my article. best of luck go ahead and make some money online if you want more article on how you  can make money online with simple and easy technique. If you have any question regarding it just comment below..

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