Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi said on Saturday that the country wants to end long standing disputes in South Asia through dialogue.

Our real war is against poverty and unemployment and should remain so. We are a responsible nation. We have learnt from our past mistakes and are now building our future keeping that in mind. We want to end hate and long standing disputes in the region for prosperity and peace. As a democratic country, we don’t believe in wars,” Mr. Alvi said while addressing the annual military parade marking the Pakistan Day in Islambad.

“We respect the sovereignty of all nations and believe in peaceful relations with all countries. But our wish for peace should not be misconstrued as our weakness. Pakistan is a reality. India should also accept this reality. This region needs peace. Instead of war, We need to focus on education, health and providing employment,” he added.

The event was attended by foreign dignitaries, including Malaysian Prime
Minister Mahathir Mohamad, as well as Pakistan’s civil and military leadership, “Dialogue is the solution to unresolved issues. India’s attitude has been irresponsible, which has put this region’s peace in danger. The aftermath of Pulwama attack is a testament to this,” he added.

“Pakistan was blamed without any evidence, warmongering statements led to war hysteria. And then in violation of all international laws, Pakistan’s airspace was violated. We retaliated in response as it was our right.” Mr. Alvi added that the parade “is giving the message that we are a peaceful nation but we are know how to defend ourselves… Terrorism is the greatest threat to world peace. We have fought a long war against terrorism. More needs to be done in this regard .”

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