• political-theory-concepts-and-debates

Course Objective: 

This course is divided into two sections. Section A helps the student familiarize with the basic normative concepts of political theory.

Each concept is related to a crucial political issue that requires analysis with the aid of our conceptual understanding.

This exercise is designed to encourage critical and reflective analysis and interpretation of social practices through the relevant conceptual toolkit. Section B introduces the students to the important debates in the subject.

These notes prompt us to consider that there is no settled way of understanding concepts and that in the light of new insights and challenges, besides newer ways of perceiving and interpreting the world around us, we inaugurate new modes of political debates.

Section A: Core Concepts

I. Importance of Freedom 

A. Negative Freedom: Liberty
B. Positive Freedom: Freedom as Emancipation and Development

Important Issue: Freedom of belief, expression and dissent

II. Significance of Equality

A. Formal Equality: Equality of opportunity
B. Political equality
C. Egalitarianism: Background inequalities and differential treatment

Important Issue: Affirmative action

III. Indispensability of Justice 

A. Procedural Justice
B. Distributive Justice
C. Global Justice

Important Issue: Capital punishment

IV. The Universality of Rights 

A. Natural Rights
B. Moral and Legal Rights

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