The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel PDF (Lastest Edition) 

Hello, in this article, I will share the psychology of money by Morgan Housel book pdf. It will be helpful for those who have had a lot of experience in the stock market and thought of creating wealth in it. 


The Psychology of money by Morgan Housel book is available in english language and is count among the New York Times best selling Book. You can download book in PDF as it freely available here. 

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We can categories the level of investors in the market among four;

The first level of investor knows money can be made in the market but not know how? He jumps to starts trade without any knowledge.

The second level investor has made a profit or loss on his capital and starts to find out what did he wrong and start learning about some basic concepts? 

The third level of an investor starts finding value in whatever the script he has been following and starts finding justification that it is costly or cheap and buy or sell them.

A fourth-level investor follows and checks if the price has gone up or not often. He starts losing faith if it does not go up after he bought it, and if the price does not go up, he sells it and looks for another one. 

In a short period, he goes back to the drawing board and finds what went wrong? 


It seems that everyone forgets that buffet is buffet because of his principles and patience, which helped him in compounding for a very long time, such as 70-80 years which very few do it.

It is when actually psychology matters, and that is what Morgan Housel tries to tell us in his book, the psychology of money, that more than analysis of the scrip, the conviction that you calculated and the patience to hold it at least for several decades remains intact only then the wealth would be created or else you would be just a person among a crowd doing nothing but ordinary things in life. 



Description of the Book

Name: The Psychology of Money
Author: Morgan Housel
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House 
Language: English
Availability: PDF 

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