Are you a student of Political Science?

Are you pursuing graduation in a college in Delhi University?

Do you have proper study materials for Political Science?

Why choose Political Science?

Well, it’s the very right question you must all informed of it. Political science as an academic course is introduced in every academic line of study especially in higher education studies for a deep understanding of the subject.

Political science is a branch of knowledge comprises of several sub-discipline subjects and courses such as Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Policy, Public administration, etc. These are the subjects that are used to understand the depth of Political science.

As an ordinary citizen of a particular county, we must be informed of our state system and its institutions, why we need those institutions, how they originate, Functions, and roles of government.
What’s our rights, how these rights come to us, what were the roles of movement to provide these rights.

These all above questions could only be understood if we study every aspect of Political science.

Generally political science is used to describe, analyze, and predict Political events and phenomena of the past and future as well.

Several traditional Political ideologies have been presented by various thinkers of a different time.

They presented its ideas and concepts regard to Political science in different ways such as normative, empirically, and conservative.

If you wandering for the search of Study Materials of Political Science and have tried to find, then stop doing it because here I come with solutions for all those who pursing graduation under the colleges of Delhi University with complete study materials.

As given the syllabus of political science by Delhi University. I provided materials along with the subjects as it is given below in subject underline. By going through this link you will find your complete content of reading in a topic wise manner.

In Political Science studies experts bifurcated subjects into the core, generic elective, DSC (Disciplines Subject Course), etc.

But among this core have been given greater emphasis because it covers broad aspects and concepts of Political Science.

If you are the student of Political Science and pursuing graduation than here is the complete list of courses:


1.1 Paper I- Understanding Political Theory

1.2 Paper-II- Constitutional Government and Democracy in India

2.1 Paper III – Political Theory-Concepts and Debates

2.2 Paper IV- Political Process in India

3.1 Paper V- Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics

3.2 Paper VI –Perspectives on Public Administration

3.3 Paper VII- Perspectives on International Relations and World History

4.1 Paper VIII- Political Processes and Institutions in Comparative Perspective

4.2 Paper IX- Public Policy and Administration in India

4.3 Paper X- Global Politics

5.1 Paper XI- Classical Political Philosophy

5.2 Paper XII- Indian Political Thought-I

6.1 Paper XIII- Modern Political Philosophy

6.2 Paper XIV- Indian Political Thought-II

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