Elon Musk

Recently Elon Musk’s Electric car making company – Tesla had installed new features that car will be drive on automated mode and driver can play video games on the tablet on the other side. But US government authorities concerns that it will distract the driver and may increase the possibility of accident. Thereafter Elon Musk’s Tesla change the system that moving car’s tablet screens will not allow playing video games.

Corporate Ethics – Points to reflect?

  1. To make products look more attractive, popular and appealing to the masses, companies are releasing features that endanger customers and peoples surrounding them.
  2. On the other side Liberalisation and Ease of doing business is necessary for economic growth but we also cannot completely ignore and dismantle the regulatory structure of the government.
  3. During the corona crisis, Tesla didn’t shut down his factory in California which resulted in many workers infected with Corona. After massive outrage the company were forced to shut down the factory. Later Elon Musk shifted its Tesla head quarter from California to Texas where the factory-laws are liberal / pro-industralist.
  4. If state governments make too-liberal factory laws in the name of competitive federalism, then also it endangers good governance / welfare of workers.

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