Hello, readers welcome again to my blog. Today I’m going to write a blog on a review of the most popular book, Its name is The 5 Am Club by Robin Sharma. This is an exciting one, you might resist this one, but this is all about how to get up early.

The book’s author’s life is really about teaching people exceptionalism and one of the real strategies for high performance of the leading without a tunnel is getting up early. The author takes a daily 5 am challenge by waking up early every day. You might say getting up early is not really relevant to you and yet if you look at the best of the best whether it’s a business, science, or sports. These are the people who have trained their brains to show up and maintain discipline by getting up early.

It is not only an incredible competitive advantage because most of the competitors are asleep but getting up early is a great gift to give yourself.

The book in particular was the way in which the author mixed the narrative of the character with the practical advice that is in the book. This is a mix of narratives that makes this book particularly unique. Because it gives you that narrative but it also gives you those practical frameworks. Although this book is called The 5 a.m club I think this book actually provides so much more value than just getting up early. It inspires you and gives you the tactics to make the most of your day. What the author does so well in this book is inspire you to make the most of your morning’s so that you can make the most of your life more energetic and filled with creativity and this is why I highly recommend the 5 a.m. club to anyone who wants to read it.

Book Description

Name of the BookThe 5 AM Club
AuthorRobin Sharma
PublisherJaico Publishing House; 1st edition (19 December 2018)
No. Of Pages. 336
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